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2016 Toyota Tundra TRD Off Road Review

2016 Toyota Tundra TRDSrebrenica here handy Toyota and cinnamon sperm on and I just wanted to go over some of the features here of this new 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD off road in the new color we just released in 2016 you see that at the blazing blue para in the flat you have the chrome outlined grill and chrome outlined fog lights nice alloy wheels here course still holding there Korea course could be the double cab florea. With the T RT offroad bad news. No hitch in the bathroom in the back backup camera course easy lower and lift tailgate will never slam down on any of the tundra very spacious income well of course you seek to do for love for you giving you some nice storage underneath pulled down Cup holders who travel charger and of course the rear window does slide to the cypria. Right power windows locks and mirrors for it.

 Toyota Tundra TRD

Well are you own Bluetooth, Trolls Lights wipers who of course you Chris. Trough Taking a look towards the center. Yes here display touch screen with an FM radio a free 90 day trial back Sam CD, USB, auxiliary, your Bluetooth ,audio hitting on the home button, split screen with your phone on one side. In your are you on the other does come with some apps here as you see get some traffic and weather and of course right up top it once you refund paired up contacts call history even text messages. Putting the vehicle enter virtual CF backup camera blunder to guide it Reds gonna be away one stop when the course is lying in the middle school me where your tow hitches. Heating and cooling controls to trouble Chargers USB auxiliary 3 Cup holders here and of course a ton of storage space with a 12 volt charger and then take a look up toward your rear view mirror you got the compass and homelink so home car garage. Information about Headlights for 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD see at site:

2015 Dodge Durango Limited Review

2015 Dodge DurangoOver about a 51 second merger and I’m with over Chrysler today I wanna do a quick review our 2015. Pre owned by former daily rental Dodge Durango limited and these are the all wheel drive. Okay has to start anything good this Nichols got the 0.6. V6 pentastar engine. So to arm 83 horsepower. 260 foot pounds of torque great engine great fuel economy on this on this one here all your privacy somewhere around 34 miles a gallon on the highway. When you look at the front of the vehicle the.has that Dodge stance. Okay great curb appeal projector fun headlights as part of a limited package and 2015 Dodge Durango headlights. Nicola side we a 20 inch. Brushed aluminum rims. Very sharp beautiful lines on the Durango as well as you look down the side.

Now we’ve got the sunroof in this one this will come with the roof rails and the side rails are integrated in the in the in the across members are integrated in the side rails that back in the vehicle with what’s really nice but this is cut the at the racetrack tail lights a really distinctive at night. Up to the safety features is back up camera back of sensors. So that you know help you when you’re backing up. Inside the trunk here again 7 passengers are Durango. All the seats for forgive you lots of cargo space when you when you don’t need all 7 passengers. And lots lots of storage space back here up very good car for when you need you need all 7 passengers you still got room here puts a hockey equipment. And things get away with on the weekend.

Alright so inside the vehicle leather interior black leather interior a black interior out real nice well designed everything’s rate here in a cockpit format as they call it but you’ve got the dial shift into drive so tonight’s B. transmission. You’ve got all your controls here for climate control area drivers side passengers side heat in there. Then you got your 8.4 radio so everything’s touch screen on the radio yeah you’re a MFM Sirius satellite radio capability. You got your media center see a USB port auxiliaries. You got your heated seats heated steering wheel. You’ve got the navigation built into this one. And you’ve got the you can actually compare up to 7 telephones on the radio and talking it’s free.

A very sporty interior so this was got the paddle shift so you can actually manually go up and down your gears when you’re in it when you’re and when you’re in Dr and selected carrier and cruise controls on thumb control your beautiful dash appear you’ve got what we call the tiff. Station so thin film technology nice and crisp and clear in all your digital there are you do gadgets and gauges are up front. Automatic headlights. The sun roof is power. What a cool feature the vehicles on back of each headrest. They’ve got to lift up our DVD players for the back passengers.

On the backside of the seats they got the HDMI cables. The cables were they can plug in their PS 2 stations in different games are gonna play while they travel care body that’s it so again my name one second merger here Tober Chrysler 2015 Dodge Durango former daily rental units condition it’s got 17859 clubbers on it so this was ready to be purchased by I. if you want recommend you give me a call or more not to take it for a test drive so yeah sure how this thing handles on the road and show you how well how I think you know be overall. Press the vehicle. Some like that right. I think he’d be very impressive this vehicle and how it handles on the road said look me up here to be pressured like second merger I’ll give you my contact information at the end. Thanks thanks watch my video bye for now.

2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan – Review

This article was sponsored by street fleet experts innovative vehicle leasing. You’re watching cause healthy bay and in this post will be showing you Toyota top shelf corolla sedan that 24 saying they said well we have Ready. Steve is a fun Corolla Levin. This accident off. Fuel friendly choice for those looking for a while. Affordable sedan now the best thing that you’ll notice about. You 2014 Corolla, that out is the more aggressive look and all scientists lake style that’s where it has given the complaint corral online 24 saying the 2014 Corolla at our high school so I gained about 100 millimeters mowing the wheels that. Which allows for more legroom and 20 latest corporate sites laugh. Other great exterior features on swept back alley D. headlands college he signaled Maris both lance and a sculpture more aerodynamic Sunday.

You can play the 48 serial of the qualities profits that seems ally. Powering the 2014 Toyota Corolla set out is a 1. I believe it was sold to an agent. It uses 103 power and 173 nieces told. Which is a slight improvement over last year’s models. In this corolla sedan set out is only available 7 state CB say. New automatics led headlights Toyota Corolla2014 Toyota Corolla. However Toyota house taking into consideration that sometimes you know most sportier ride. Sorry they have added paddle shifters for those days when you want more control by replacing the corollas previous 4 speed automatic with this CD take. It has a great deal consumption by nearly 11 stay. 16 latest pet 100 Columbus come by. This ride handles very well. 24 states the corolla high school swimming fitted with spots and reduce. To allow each and Stop. For the inside of this talk is that out today Toyota has added, a legacy power just 6 is automatic and listening and why and had lots. A push button stock and proximity key. But just their mind is finding hands and so on the job is. Game type of the line I would like to see a few more features. Perhaps, He did say, the basic design of the interior as such as the dashed steering wheel and dole design or carry over from the corolla hatch but are still not upgrade from its predecessors every corolla comes equipped with a inch touch screen infotainment system. Lead to USB, and aqua connectivity bald etcetera ADN link multimedia’s. Which I’m not many possibilities.

This multimedia system is a huge step up from the only test in the 2015 models. And it actually looks like the next day. 2014 Toyota Corolla, at odds with its 1. At least a 4 cylinder engine and CVT transmission is crossed close with competition 730 0 Dolan’s, 2014 Toyota corolla has been updated as far as style and feel economy guys. People looking to get one the Toyota corolla day and I will not rest assured it. Safe bet you’ll be getting a quality com. Thanks for watching because how TV and if you’re interested the salary packaging this Cup is it straight you.

How To Tell If Your Fuel Pump Is Bad

Hello. Well Browse more great if you work in a. All over me because. Walsh. Only then can. So the first thing I did was Jericho chooses to make a fuel pump. Use wasn’t blown. Alright you’re gonna fuses. The model of continuous uniform. I won I won in the back. So you can pull it out. As I crank the engine there was power going to the Fuel Pump and ground. All our shows for lawsuits. When the groundwater shows full grown folk was gotten all kinds of power which is not working.
Fuel Pump
But you always want to make sure so here’s a fuel test first report on a gigantic company engine. We’ll just score on the fuel pressure gauge jacker. You know 1 of the satin autos owner any place you 2930 some box. It’s a good thing to have because I fit all cars. Who would you don’t don’t you create the engine. And are you sooner 0 pounds pressure tonight maze of you’ll Bob isn’t working at all.

But you’re confused and the waters in the back to go to the pub we know it’s getting power we know which grounded showing all the pump just as many good not because of the judge. The fuel pump shipments I guess to make sure you have to remove the gas tank but the idiots that designed this car put the guest I got but they put the saab 300 so you have to remove the entire sub frame of the car to get the gas tank out to change the fuel pump. So that turns this fuel pump replacement in his jaguar into about $1000 job no 1000 Bucks.

To put a fuel pump in this jaguar. And since is starting to rain but I really have no interest in pulling the entire back suspension of a car and frame off. The change of fuel pump closer to go specializes in the net stuff and has an indoor Jack and does all the time. And so to try to repair a pretty typical for Jaguars. If you don’t want to spend money fixing cars don’t buy a jaguar. Now the owner of this drug they really paid 4500 Bucks for used anyways because they do have low resell value so watch the fixes that they just got a solid mountain nextone he’s tired of themselves.

So you learn to do things how to diagnose of a fuel pump is bad and why you shouldn’t buy a jaguar NDA rubber if you’re in a car questions just visit the study Kilmer Janel. And our interests to like get done talking with this dolphin.

2016 Porsche 718 Boxster review.

2016 Porsche 718 BoxsterSo long ago Porsche tinkered with the full amount for the 911 introducing tab H. outings all models and our eyes at least removing a little of the magic surrounding 1 of our favorites both cows. Well honed the front page because of the 911 is 1 of our favorites bulls because then the block stack aid literally top dog I won’t push it down it’s got rid of the naturally aspirated 6 cylinder engine and replaced it with a full cylinder turbo charged units in the new book set 718. As a result Porsche promises more power super low down talk and better fuel economy.

Despite looking much like the previous books that most of the body panels on the new 78 scene are actually new and he’s still got a decent amount. And they will say in the back of books to is only not practical than you might think. And under the skin this suspension brakes and staring problems . Well as you would expect from Porsche the driving position is perfect because this plenty of adjustment in the sea.

And we’ll say reaching rake on staring well. The new emphysema the system is also excellent it has small faint connectivity I’m really fosters bonuses. And if you’d like to operate the roof is done as easily as pressing a button and can be done at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. As you can see as reliable as the great British weather is 80. Pouring with rain on a day that we decide. Film combat. Let me recount. And that fall we have had to. I read. Intensive comforts and refinements the boxer is much the same as before which first booty call is very kids.

You do get a little bit of extra Norway’s veces became one with the roof up. And then with the reef down as long as you suspect a little wind deflects act who had doesn’t fly everywhere . But this amount of money never up like Khan has this and. I’m 6 daring accuracy. Balance. Which makes the books that. Whew Jolene said Dr. This isnt me tons. When he gave for the state. That’s up on the. Beds in management.

Today we saw the tutor hop leads you to add the price of the. And it seems. He leads a year net. 300. 5 horsepower we. That’s it for more than the only bookstore at. Yet manages to be around 5 miles per gallon more efficient. In this past configuration the 78 scene will get from north to 62 miles per hour in just 4.6 seconds and has a top speed of 100 77 miles per hour. It’s not just the numbers that a convincing. How do. Marines. No Way Out. I don’t see it made right so.

In the hot thousands out yeah. Really do miss. All. Xander Dane. And instead you just get this. Mom it’s the latter. Boy uninspiring. On the one hand you could say that bush has made the book step back to the NABBA aids foster has more equipment and if you join a calf and you can get almost 30 miles to the gallon so it’s more economical than ever as well. However if you do it like it’s suppose to be German you’ll against get low twenties and I just wish.

Independent search of service station.

service stationIn Boston, there was a presentation of online assistant for repair and diagnostics of the car in real time.
Openbay Connect Program is able to read the error codes in the car, and then search for the nearest service center or auto shop, where you can correct the problem.

Program is based on data obtained through the diagnostic interface OBD II, which is mandatory for cars built after 1996. So far the app is only available for IOS devices.

The new service will greatly help independent garages that specialize in vehicles that do not fall under the guarantee.

The main disadvantage is that the system will not allow car owners to find the cheapest option of repair, as Openbay is based on quality and user reviews.