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2015 Dodge Durango Limited Review

2015 Dodge DurangoOver about a 51 second merger and I’m with over Chrysler today I wanna do a quick review our 2015. Pre owned by former daily rental Dodge Durango limited and these are the all wheel drive. Okay has to start anything good this Nichols got the 0.6. V6 pentastar engine. So to arm 83 horsepower. 260 foot pounds of torque great engine great fuel economy on this on this one here all your privacy somewhere around 34 miles a gallon on the highway. When you look at the front of the vehicle the.has that Dodge stance. Okay great curb appeal projector fun headlights as part of a limited package and 2015 Dodge Durango headlights. Nicola side we a 20 inch. Brushed aluminum rims. Very sharp beautiful lines on the Durango as well as you look down the side.

Now we’ve got the sunroof in this one this will come with the roof rails and the side rails are integrated in the in the in the across members are integrated in the side rails that back in the vehicle with what’s really nice but this is cut the at the racetrack tail lights a really distinctive at night. Up to the safety features is back up camera back of sensors. So that you know help you when you’re backing up. Inside the trunk here again 7 passengers are Durango. All the seats for forgive you lots of cargo space when you when you don’t need all 7 passengers. And lots lots of storage space back here up very good car for when you need you need all 7 passengers you still got room here puts a hockey equipment. And things get away with on the weekend.

Alright so inside the vehicle leather interior black leather interior a black interior out real nice well designed everything’s rate here in a cockpit format as they call it but you’ve got the dial shift into drive so tonight’s B. transmission. You’ve got all your controls here for climate control area drivers side passengers side heat in there. Then you got your 8.4 radio so everything’s touch screen on the radio yeah you’re a MFM Sirius satellite radio capability. You got your media center see a USB port auxiliaries. You got your heated seats heated steering wheel. You’ve got the navigation built into this one. And you’ve got the you can actually compare up to 7 telephones on the radio and talking it’s free.

A very sporty interior so this was got the paddle shift so you can actually manually go up and down your gears when you’re in it when you’re and when you’re in Dr and selected carrier and cruise controls on thumb control your beautiful dash appear you’ve got what we call the tiff. Station so thin film technology nice and crisp and clear in all your digital there are you do gadgets and gauges are up front. Automatic headlights. The sun roof is power. What a cool feature the vehicles on back of each headrest. They’ve got to lift up our DVD players for the back passengers.

On the backside of the seats they got the HDMI cables. The cables were they can plug in their PS 2 stations in different games are gonna play while they travel care body that’s it so again my name one second merger here Tober Chrysler 2015 Dodge Durango former daily rental units condition it’s got 17859 clubbers on it so this was ready to be purchased by I. if you want recommend you give me a call or more not to take it for a test drive so yeah sure how this thing handles on the road and show you how well how I think you know be overall. Press the vehicle. Some like that right. I think he’d be very impressive this vehicle and how it handles on the road said look me up here to be pressured like second merger I’ll give you my contact information at the end. Thanks thanks watch my video bye for now.